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Kansas Could Land the biggest Private-Sector Investment in Its History

Governor Laura Kelly and Lieutenant Governor David Toland are asking lawmakers to move quickly to pass an economic development bill that might help Kansas attract the state’s largest private-sector investment. The project would create 4,000 new jobs in Kansas and attract $4 billion in new company investment. The Attracting Powerful Economic Expansion Act (APEX) continues to have widespread bipartisan support from business and community leaders throughout the state.

What they’re saying is this:

“Passing the APEX law would assist Kansas land the largest private sector investment in the state’s history,” said Greg Kindle, President of the Wyandotte Economic Development Council. I support this bill because it has the potential to push us over the finish line and make Kansas more competitive for high-tech investments, which would generate tax revenues, encourage our children to pursue these fields, and keep Kansas talent here. We need to get this done right away. We can’t afford to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Joann Knight, Dodge City’s Economic Development Director, says, “As Dodge City’s Economic Development Director, I understand the importance of being able to compete on mega-projects in Kansas.” This opportunity will not only produce thousands of new employment for Kansans, but it will also transform Kansas into an economic powerhouse that will attract national attention and position Kansas as a top-tier workforce competitor. I am in favor of passing the APEX bill and bringing Kansas up to par with the rest of the country.”

“Passing the APEX bill could help Kansas win the greatest private sector investment in the state’s history and generate thousands of jobs,” says Steve Kelly, Vice President of Economic Development for the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce. I urge everyone concerned to work together to get this bill passed because it will help Kansas compete on a national and even global level.”

“The APEX law might help Kansas land the greatest private investment sector ever in our state’s economy,” says Blake Benson, president of the Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce. It would also help Kansas compete with other states who are implementing similar policies to boost their economies. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that we must seize. The APEX measure should be passed right now.”

“The APEX law might help Kansas win the largest private sector investment in our state’s history,” says Debra Tuefel, president of the Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce. For Kansas to be competitive, we need this technology. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that we must seize. I urge you to enact the APEX bill right away to send a message to young Kansans and the business community that Kansas is ready for the future.”

“I beg the Kansas legislature to adopt APEX mega-project incentives legislation,” said Tim Cowden, president of the Kansas City Area Development Council. This is required for Kansas and Kansas City to realize their full potential. So think about it, really think about it. We appreciate your thought in this matter.”

“We are a finalist for what would be the largest private sector investment in our state’s history,” says David Toland, Lieutenant Governor of Kansas and Secretary of the Kansas Department of Commerce. This is a significant event. This is a chance that Kansas must seize, and let me explain why. This corporation will make a $4 billion investment in Kansas. That’s $4 billion poured back into our economy, with a ‘B’. This will result in the creation of 4,000 well-paying employment in Kansas.”